Tallix was founded on sound engineering principles covering the main disciplines of electronic product development.

Solid Foundations

  • analogue and digital hardware
  • embedded and application software
  • digital signal processing
  • schematic and PCB design
  • 3D enclosure modelling
  • approvals management

We've also developed special expertise in a number of areas to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

Safety Critical Systems

Designing for safety requires discipline. Tallix engineers have worked with clients to create intrinsically safe instruments for hazardous industrial environments and high reliability systems for security and defence. We design electronics and software to meet the most rigorous of requirements and manage the associated documentation and approval processes. It's a discipline we bring to every project.

Tallix metal detection

Metal Detection

From slivers of metal hidden in the ground to steel reinforcements buried in concrete, we've created systems that find them. We've developed ways to measure sheet metal and wires for process control and field inspection. We've even mastered techniques for measuring metal as it disappears - for high precision corrosion monitoring.

Our expertise in metal detection already supports explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), surveying, construction and manufacturing and we're always looking for new applications.

Tallix visualisation

Video & Visualisation

Video and image processing can truly differentiate a product, adding market appeal and helping users to understand complex information. However, it takes experience to overcome the challenges of data management, power consumption and cost.

Tallix have developed that experience from our work on surveillance video products, image capture and storage, and algorithms that transform multi-dimensional data into easily understood graphics using arrays of digital signal processors (DSPs).

Tallix software screen


To be effective in the increasingly connected world, many products have to communicate with other systems. Wired or wireless, Tallix have ways to make machines talk - and ensure they say something useful. We can embed industrial control networks, like CAN and modbus, interface to familiar consumer technology like USB, or even make your product phone home.

Tallix power management

Power Management

Energy efficiency is more than topical, it's essential, so we've developed ways to get the most from every milliwatt. Optimised software and sophisticated power management dramatically extend battery life in portable products, as well as reducing environmental impact. Lower cost, added convenience and higher reliability all make a valuable difference to our clients and their users in the field.

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