Our service extends from research and specification to prototypes, production and beyond. And since every client's needs are different, we tailor our service accordingly.

Our team can help you get started, support you through a critical development phase, or manage the whole product lifecycle from initial concept to products in the field.

Research & Feasibility

You have an idea and need to know if it's technically and commercially viable.

Sketches & Specifications

You have a product concept and need to elaborate and capture the design requirements more formally.

Models & Prototypes

You need something tangible to test user opinion, conduct market research or secure investment without the full cost of design, engineering and production.

Tallix electronic component

Design & Development

You need complete design and engineering services to create drawings and documents ready for manufacture.

Special Projects

You have a valuable business opportunity but it needs enhancements to your standard product or even a bespoke solution.

Review & Refresh

You need to update your product to make it more competitive or replace obsolescent components.

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It's really easy to take the next step.

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